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​"You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.". Dr, Suess

As a licensed Daycare, the main focus at Stepping Stones Daycare is to create a warm and encouraging environment for children to discover and grow. Each child has their own way of learning, and we are prepared to facilitate the needs, interests and capabilities of each individual child in order for them to learn at their own pace.  We believe that children learn through their play experiences, and we like to find the resources and support necessary to ease the process of discovery. Every aspect of a child’s development is included in our programs- social, physical, intellectual, cognitive and emotional.  We believe that the early years of child care should make each child feel safe to explore their world around them with respect. As well, nature and the outdoors are an important classroom for children, and we are aware of the prime learning opportunities associated with natural and organic surroundings.  At Stepping Stones Daycare we understand early relationships with their environment, parents, teachers, and other children are vital to their well being, and we are ready to support and assist them into making respectful relationships that they will benefit from, even after they leave the program.

Out of School Care (OSC)
Our Stepping Stones licensed after school care program is set up to make the transition before and after school a little bit easier on our parents! We run from the Neutral Hills Adult Learning building thus making pick up after school quick and easy.

Our staff will gladly drop the children off at school on days when parents need to be elsewhere before school starts, as well as pick children up after school when parents require. 

The after school care program is quite similar to our daycare program, being that our main focus for each child is to create a warm and encouraging learning environment!

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